Asia’s Next Top Model : Cycle 3 – Episode 12 Recap

Hola! Final 4 became the final 3, and next week is the finale. Who’s in the final? Check it out below! Here we go!!

EP12 - new house

After their long one-on-one talk with Georgina and Joey, they went home. But not to their old model house, they arrived at their new house. On their beds, they got Harper’s Bazaar magazines and a gift from Triumph. They got really nice lingerie. They were so excited to live in their new home. They had pool, huge bathtub, and more. That’s the reward for getting to this point.

EP12 - Monika Go See

Georgina Mail. Finally, they’ll be going on a go-see. They had 3 client to impress. They went to Orchard. They went on their seperate ways first. Monika and Aimee arrived at Pois, and greeted by Windy Aulia from Harper’s Bazaar and Liv Lo, model/presenter. This go-see is about presentation. They had to explain about a certain designer’s outfit, and really sell it. Monika got Oscar de La Renta’s dresses. She did quiet well. Aimee got Mary Katrantzou’s outfits. She was so rehearsed and she said something wrong. The outfit is a top and a bottom, but she called it a dress. Oh Aimee…

EP12 - Barbara Go See

Barbara and Gani were on the other go-see. They went to Braun Buffel. They were asked to walk with  the bags. Gani didn’t really understand where to put the bag, and Barbara just, she laughed and didn’t really do well.

Monika and Aimee‘s turn at Braun Buffel. Aimee wasn’t friendly at first, but she’s a good listener. and Monika, did good as always.

Gani and Barbara’s turn at Pois. Gani got Mugler. She’s very passionate. She explained the dresses very well. She really understood the brief. And Barbara, she panicked.

Their last go-see, they went to Triumph. They met Alex Perry and Kate Ang. They’ll walk wearing the lingerie. Gani‘s walk was smooth and easy. Barbara did very good. Aimee was sensual, and Monika did well, but she changed the pose too quickly. And the winner of the Triumph go-see is…. Barbara!! She got $500 Triumph shopping spree. Aimee expected it already, because Barbara got the boobs. Lol

They went home, and mysteriously a red bag was placed on a table. And there’s  a letter from Kenneth Goh. Monika won that bag from Braun Buffel. Gani and Aimee were jealous because they got nothing.


EP12 - Girls before photoshoot

Photoshoot day. Their photoshoot is all about “Fashion through the era”. Each of the girls got a decade they’ll be representing. Barbara 50’s, Aimee 60’s, Monika 70’s, and Gani 80’s

EP12 - Gani EP12 - Monika

Monika got back to her hair-flipping signature style, but didn’t really work. Barbara lost her personality, because she consentrated on the movement so much. Aimee looked cheesy, and Gani… killed it.



First is Monika

Judges : Fantastic, feeling the era, but not friendly.

Me : Love the S shape she’s making with her body. She got a lot of hair. That could be an advantage, but also a disadvantage. She pulled through. But her face, was just blank and boring.


Next is Aimee

Judges : Scared, deer caught in headlights, not a cover

Me : She looks scared and confused. She got too wrapped up in the whole “being innocent”, that she just lost her ability to model. I don’t see fashion, and i don’t think the editor will put this as a cover.


Next is Barbara

Judges : Nailed the era, but a bit timid.

Me : Love the body (in the show, we got to see her full body shot though). But the face, she could work on it a little bit more. Not her strongest facial expression.


Last is Gani

Judges : Excellent, top model material, Harper’s Bazaar ‘s face

Me : Amazing face. She captured the light. This photo is very very simple. Not a lot of posing, but looks so gorgeous. Love the jewelery. But not the hair. The styling was a bit off.


Well, the shoot was a bit underwhelming. I expected so much more. The lighting was terrible, and the styling was okay. Meh

EP12 - Deliberation

After long deliberation, here’s the result:

1. Gani

2. Monika

3. Aimee

4. Barbara

Well, i wasn’t happy that Barbara went home, but it is what it is. My COO is a bit different:

1. Gani

2. Monika

3. Barbara

4. Aimee


And, final 3. Next week is the finale. Who’re you rooting for?


Aimee, Gani, or Monika?

Thank you for reading, and love you all xoxo

4 thoughts on “Asia’s Next Top Model : Cycle 3 – Episode 12 Recap

  1. Hi rian. I have been waiting the whole week for your recap.

    My callout.

    1st: Monika – You can really feel the vibe of the decade she’s representing. Great body, and i think the face had been appropriate for the photo.

    2nd: Gani – Nice profile. Nice face, but i really think the chair has been an advantage

    3rd: Aimee – I qute like the pose.

    4th: Barbara – After being in the bottom two she needs to step up. There’s something wrong in her face.

    That’s mine. And hey, rian, after the cycle, will you post again the top 20 best and worst photos for this cycle? Thanks!

  2. Yay!! Aimee made it, i was a bit shocked cause the spoiler said that the top 3 would be gani, monika and barbara.

    1. Gani- it is the strongest photo of the bunch…
    2. Monika- i like it but she lost her neck though thats because of the hair…
    3. Aimee- its creepy but i think this is better than barbs (no bias)
    4. Barbara- it just look weird i dont know why…

    Anyways, this cycle has the best top 3 though i think it’ll be stronger if barbara is in it. But this cycle also has the most boring(sorry) photoshoots, i think…

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