Asia’s Next Top Model is….. : Cycle 3 Finale Recap

The season had come to the end. And the winner has been revealed. Check all of it below. Here we go!!


So after their last panel, they went to Ku De Ta for a surprise high class dinner with the judges, Georgina Wilson, Joey Mead King and Alex Perry. They were there to celebrate their success and also discuss about their future. Aimee wanted to walk in shows such as New York Fashion Week or Paris Fashion Week. Gani wanted to do editorial and campaign. And Monika, well she didn’t say what she wanted to do, but she got a critique that she needs more personality.

EP13_Photoshoot Challenge

Georgina Mail. It’s the final photoshoot. Gani was left all alone without her close friends. Gani wanted to win this competition for Barbara , who just went home. Photoshoot day, they went to the Fullerton Hotel, and they met Alex Perry and a prestigeous photographer from Spain, Jean-Baptise Fort. This is a haute-couture photoshoot. They’ll be wearing couture dresses.

Monika was overthinking at first. And she’s slightly expected, modeling 101. But after she changed her position, she became expensive and beautiful. She got really nice shots. Aimee had a very restricted dress. Also she had to stand on a very small platform. So she can’t move her legs at all. She had to rely on her face and body. She did amazing, and she nailed the final shoot. Gani wasn’t confident, because Barbara‘s elimination really affected her. She lacks commitment and creativity at first. But after half of the shoot, she became a supermodel. She played with the dress. She did awesome. Aimee was Alex Perry‘s personal favorite.

EP13_BTS throwback Part 1_210615

Georgina Mail!! It’s final runway! The moment they’ve been waiting for the whole season. They practiced so hard for the next day. Show day, they arrived at CHIMES hall. And a SUBARU was parked outside, and that’s the car the winner will be getting. VIP guests will be filling up the room. And they can’t walk alone, so the eliminated models, KB, Melissa, Tahlia, Franchesca and Barbara joined the runway. Everybody cried and were so happy to see each other again.

The fashion show was filled with VIP guests like Daniel Mananta, Liv Lo, Yvette King, Lourd Ramos and some Season 2 Contestants. The runway show finally started.

Gani killed the runway. She blew the judges’ minds. At last, her height doesn’t matter, if she walked like this everytime. She wore Tex Xaverio‘s dress, and she felt so happy because she loved the designer. She wanted to prove to Alex Perry that shortie can do runway. And she did just that.

Monika’s favorite part of modeling is runway. She’s living her dream. She walked with confidence , yet calm in the face. The judges liked her walk. She had to walk with a huge blue dress, and she made the dress fly like no other. Her walk was Alex Perry‘s favorite out of all of them.

Aimee walked with confidence and poise. Joey felt like she’s in a European fashion show. She has a very chic and effortless walk. She’s having a good time. But Alex Perry said that she needs to work out more. She closed the show, so all eyes are on her.

After a long day, they finally relaxed and just talked about what might happen tomorrow.


EP13 Deliberation

Alex Perry, Joey Mead King, Georgina Wilson, Kennet Goh from Harper’s Bazaar, and Nathan Toth, senior modeling scout of Storm Models London.

First is Monika

Judges : A bit expected, but strong, chic and casual. She turned into a high fashion model. Can do everything.

Me : I think her face was a bit wierd. The open crotch also. The top half was pretty good, but the bottom half was okay. But the dress looks gorgeous. But she kinda looks sexy.

Next is Aimee

Judges : The strongest photo. Looked like a million bucks. Showed the dress.

Me : Amazing. Truly amazing. The dress looks incredible, the face looks strong and fierce. I love the dress flowing so effortlessly. Considering how she can’t move very much, she did incredible. My favorite shot of the week,

Last is Gani

Judges : Striking. Modern asian face. Very very photogenic.

Me : The dress looks amazing.The movement of it is really beautiful. She lost her arm, she looks a bit short. But her face is gorgeous. But i wish her face was a bit fiercer, because she could really pull something incredible.

After an intense deliberation, the final deliberation of the cycle, the desicion has been made. And sadly, Aimee, is not Asia’s Next Top Model. I was sad that she didn’t win, but also very happy that she got this far, Her shot was beyond amazing.

And then there were 2. Gani from Indonesia and Monika from the Philippines. And the winner is…

GANI!!! I was so happy that she won. She really did an amazing job through the cycle. She had the face to be an international model. She’s going to do so well in London. Go Gani!! Make Indonesia proud!!

And Monika, she was a fighter, she never gave up. And her persistence and determination was admireable. She did very well through out the season, and i think she’ll be an amazing model with loads of successes.

And Aimee of course. My sweet sweet Aimee. Keep being your self and be the model you really are. Be proud of your body, and don’t change it to make people happy. You’ll do so well out there.

And thats it. That’s it for this season. Thank you so much for reading and keep commenting. Love you all 🙂

Rian xoxo

Note : It’s a competition. Someone will win, and someone will lose. Not everybody can win. Just because someone that’s not your favorite win, and your favorite lost, doesn’t mean that you have to bash and hate to the winner. Sending never ending hate and death threats are not okay. And if your favorite model saw those comments, they won’t be happy as well. Whoever wins or lost, they’ll be having a fantastic carrer thanks to the show.

Just a bit of words from me 🙂

5 thoughts on “Asia’s Next Top Model is….. : Cycle 3 Finale Recap

  1. I was a little shocked (but kinda glad) that Monika didn’t win, considering that she has won quite a number of FCOs throughout the whole competition. Here’s my beef with Monika: she treated the whole competition like a beauty pageant. It kinda annoyed me seeing her being praised by the judges when every week all I can see was Monika giving “pretty” and “sweet” in her picture while other models gave strength, edge and major kickass-essness. That being said, that’s why I love her final shoot, because I feel like she’s finally giving us something different, something… strong. It kinda reminds me of the 4th week photoshoot, where she came in the set with top model attitude, skirt hoisted up and all But still, I kinda wish Aimee was the runner up. I’ll pick her photo over Gani’s any day.

    And I totally agree with you, Rian. It’s just a competition. I hate it when people bring countries into this. I’m from Malaysia and I’m one of Joddily’s biggest fan and I felt disappointed when they gave the title to Sheena last year. But that’s all in the past and they’re both doing well now in the modelling world. And seeing Sheena’s work outside of the competition is exciting. I think the judges know what they’re doing. So don’t be so disheartened by it, guys. 🙂

    Btw, what do you think of Alex’s comment on Aimee’s body? I think she’s a little bit boyish-shaped, but she’s super tall so I don’t see any problems with it.

    • I think Aimee is fine the way she is. She’s very tall, which is good in modeling. She could walk in any show. She could work out a little bit more just to make her body a bit better.

    • Oops I forgot about that 😀 it’s hard to choos though.
      1. Gani
      2. Aimee
      3. Monika
      4. Barbara
      5. Tahlia
      6. Melissa
      7. KB
      8. Amanda
      9. Franchesca
      10. Celine
      11. Rani
      12. Lorretta
      13. Kiana
      14. Shareeta

  2. Congrat Gani. Ur winning is a happy ending for this mess. Love ya ❤
    My call-out of this season:
    Winner: Gani
    Runner up: Barbara
    2nd runner up:Tahlia
    4. Mellisa
    5. Celine
    6. Aimee
    7. KB
    8. Monika
    9. Amanda
    10. Franchesca
    11. Lori
    12. Rani
    13. Kianna
    14. Shareeta

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