America’s Next Top Model : Cycle 22 – Guys & Girls : Episode 1 Recap

Heyo guys!! So, the show we’ve all been waiting for.. ANTM Cycle 22 is finally here!!!! I’m so excited, and i know you are too. So, let’s just jump right to this recap. Here we go!!!So, after loads of begging from the fans to remove the height requirement, TyTy finally did it. This cycle is about “Not to tall & Not too short”. I think it’s a great idea to attract more applicants. And this year had an insane amount of application for the show. The prizes changed a bit. The winner will be signed by NEXT Models Management, a spread in NYLON Magazine, $100.000 cash and a national ad campaign for Zappos Couture.


The top 31 hopefuls came to L.A to start their modeling dream. The guys arrived first. Mikey was an experienced model already. And Nyle is actually deft. Yes, he is deft. But he can read lips and also has an interpreter, Ramon. After the guys had several minutes to chat, a huge ANTM bus came out of nowhere. And Yu Tsai came out. They’ll be going around Hollywood, and actually, they’ll be taking pictures in their swimwear. The photos will determined who stays and who goes home. And the girls came out, that’s what the guys had been waiting for.


Photoshoot time, they all got 10 frames to impress the judges. Alexa and Hadassah actually got a boob job. Stefano and Mame weren’t very fond of them. Each of the models will get an OPPO phone, to communicate and practice their poses. They started taking loads of selfies.


They drove to Hollywood Boulevard, and they saw a runway and hundreds of screaming fans. And the finally realize, it’s their first challenge. Kelly Cutrone, Miss J, and Tyra Banks also came to the runway to evaluate their walk. India and Mikey opened the runway, and all the sudden, screaming fans came to the runway and started to distract the models. Well, that’s another challenge. They need to consentrate.



Some very memorable faces and acts on the runway. Kelly said that Delanie reminded her of Helena Christensen. Devin actually left Mame behind, and he just walked infront of Mame. Dallas did a pec bump lol. Jake & Raquel did a tango pose.

PANEL, First is Lacey


Her accent is so cute, and her face is insanely stunning. Her parents splitted when she was 15.


She looks a bit stiff in this photo, but she still looks beautiful.

Mame moved from Geneva to the US for stability reason, and from that moment, she didn’t talk to her dad. She wished her family would’ve just all stayed together. She’s also Miss Maryland USA


Bello came to the casting with white gown, gold jewelery and a crown, and he pretty much landed his crown to everyone. And Dallas broke the crown. Bello was furious.


The judges weren’t believe to his eyes. His eyes are really bright blue. He did his graduation walk in the panel, because he didn’t get to graduate.

Mikey looks like he didn’t pay the bills in the panel lol. He’s the first kid in his family to graduate high school and not go to jail.


Courtney’s face is wierdly beautiful. She sort of reminded me of Leila from Cycle 19. And also, this is her first ever photoshoot. I’m impressed. She used to taking pictures with her tablet.

Bello‘s shocking dare. He asked everyone, who the 2 people they want to be sent home. Stefano said Alexa and Hadassah, mostly Alexa, because she kept talking about her rich boyfriend and her boob job. She wasn’t happy at all, the girls were there to support her, and Stefano was just standing and looking.


Stefano wrote a bit of rap for the judges, well the rap wasn’t very good, also he said that he doesn’t believe in religion, and it doesn’t matter who we believed in. Okay.


Devin was really loud and full of personality, he signed with 6 agencies all around the world, but clients don’t know what to do with him.


Ashley’s story was so heartbreaking. She was in a shelter for 3 or 4 years. When she was around 5, one of his brother’s friend raped her. So she felt so uncomfortable in her own body. She tried to protect her 5 year old sister, i think she’s amazing.


Bryant the hottie. He had a hella lot of Instagram followers. He did a lot of underwear modeling, but he tried to rebrand himself. He had an amazing abs.


Justin, J Smooth, Seoulful J, So many nicknames. He looks like a model, even Tyra loved him when he walked to the panel.


Ava, the cool christian, her motto is “Keep your legs close, and your bible open” Lol i cracked up so hard when she said that. She has so much personality. The flower child.

The top 31 will become the top 22. They arrived at their model house. There was a huge foam pit, there’s 22 balls contain the name of the models that will be going through. The models started to find their names in the balls.


Next week, new challenges, and another cut before the final 14. So that’s it for my recap, i really enjoyed watching this episode. What about you?

Thank you for reading xoxo

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