Asia’s Next Top Model : Cycle 4 – Cast Revealed

Hello and i’m so sorry. First of all, i’m so sorry for leaving and dign’t post anything for a solid few months. I’m just very busy with college, it’s driving me nuts.I was stressed, so i decided do take a break. But now i’m back! And i don’t think anyone is reading anymore cause i left a long time ago lol.I’ll do my best to keep posting recaps and manage my time.

So the full cast of AsNTM Cycle 4 has been revealed. And this is so late, but they had new host and judges. I felt like they like to change the host everytime. Georgina was really good though. I’m gonna miss her in the show.

So the new host is Cindy Bishop. Let’s see what she can bring to the table.

And the new model mentor. I still can’t get over the fact that Joey Mead King left. She was so wonderful and such an amazing mentor.She made the show better. But now she left, and the brand new mentor is Kelly Tandiono. I’m excited for the change, but i’ll miss Joey.

And the last addition to the judges is Yu Tsai. Yes! We’ll know for sure that this cycle will have amazing photoshoot.


And finally the cast. 14 aspiring models from all over asia will compete to become the best model. And the added new countries to this cycle. Myanmar, Mongolia, and South Korea is back!!

  1. Jessica Lam – Hong Kong ( 21 )

Jessica began her journey into the modeling world during her final year of high school. Her mesmerising eyes have landed her a commercial with celebrity model Kendall Jenner. Her go-getter personality and polished modelling skills are traits every top model should have – can she trump the other contestants.


2. That Htet Aung aka May – Myanmar ( 17)

May is the first Burmese contestant on AsNTM and one of the youngest competitors in the history of the show. She was also the winner of Miss Asia Pacific World 2014, but aspires to prove herself to become one of the successful Burmese models in the industry.


3. Patricia Gunawan – Indonesia ( 25 )

Patricia was in the top 15 girls of Miss Indonesia 2012 and was inspired to join AsNTM by Gani, the winner of AsNTM Cycle 3. She is already an experienced Indonesian host and actress, but one of her biggest dreams would be to be crowned the winner of AsNTM.


4. Ngo Thi Quynh Mai aka Mai Ngo – Vietnam ( 20 )

The young Miss Universe Vietnam contestant joins Asia’s Next Top Model to be recognized as more than a pageant girl, but a model in the bustling industry.


5. Julian Flores – Philippines ( 25 )

Julian is a goal-digger; she believes she’ll be able to make it to the top and be named Asia’s Next Top Model. Her sheer determination and persistence are sure to get her to the top.


6. Angela Watkins – Singapore ( 19 )

Angie is a Singaporean model who has shot for famous fashion brands such as Theory Of Seven and Abercrombie and Fitch, and is looking to kick-start her modelling career by joining Asia’s Next Top Model.


7. Tugs Saruul – Mongolia ( 24 )

Tugs is the first Mongolian contestant on Asia’s Next Top Model, and as a tough single mum who is raising her 2 year old daughter, AsNTM 4 could be her first and last competition – can she make it to the top?


8. Wanvisa Goldman aka Maya – Thailand ( 22 )

Maya is a fiery Thai model who is looking to enhance her modelling career by joining the competition. Being 3rd place in Miss Universe Thailand has given her the drive and motivation to make it to the top.


9. Aldilla Zahraa – Indonesia ( 23 )

Aldilla transformed herself from being a kid who loved to eat to an exotic model with a fierce face that leaves people with deep impressions. Her mixed ethnicity of British and Palestinian gives her a unique edge in the competition.


10. Jiratchaya Kedkong aka Tawan – Thailand ( 20 )

Tawan is a professional model from Thailand who has shot for many Thai magazines. With her versatile appearance and strong walk, she has been signed by 3 model agencies, but feels winning AsNTM would be the jewel in her crown.


11. Alaiza Malinao – Philippines ( 21 )

A simple yet experienced professional Filipino model – Alaiza was named Cosmo Philippines’ Top 8 Sexiest Models for 2015. She doesn’t only want to be known as a sexy swimsuit model, but an editorial model as well.


12. Nuraini Noor aka Tuti – Malaysia ( 24 )

Tuti’s expressive body movements and strong angles has made her seem aggressive and full of attitude. Being the winner of X Top Model Search Malaysia 2012 and winning X Walk, she has proven her worth as an edgy, editorial model. Joining the competition will be a piece of cake; but will she outshine the other girls?


13. Gwendoline Ruais aka Gwen – Philippines ( 25 )

Gwen is half-Filipino and half-French, as well as the winner of Miss World Philippines and 1st runner up for Miss World 2011. But as a pageant girl, she was never recognized as a legitimate fashion model. Her mother was also a supermodel in the Philippines, and is her inspiration for joining the show. It’s time for Gwen to prove herself to everyone and shine more than she already has!


14. Sang In Kim – South Korea ( 23 )

Sang In is the edgy girl with an attitude who takes her career seriously. Her end goal is to prove herself as a professional and successful model.


So just after looking at the promo pictures, for now, i’m rooting for Jessica, Angela, Gwen, Sang In Kim, Aldilla and Jiratchaya. My favorites can change at any time.

Thank you for reading and i’ll see you next time 🙂

One thought on “Asia’s Next Top Model : Cycle 4 – Cast Revealed

  1. Yay! 😄

    My favorites would be Jessica, May, Julian, Angela, Aldilla and Sang in.. Just basing on these shots.

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