America’s Next Top Model : Cycle 22 – Guys & Girls : Episode 1 Recap

Heyo guys!! So, the show we’ve all been waiting for.. ANTM Cycle 22 is finally here!!!! I’m so excited, and i know you are too. So, let’s just jump right to this recap. Here we go!!! Continue reading


America’s Next Top Model : Cycle 22 – Full Cast

Heyo guys!!! Long time no see. Sorry for mysteriously dissapearing from here. I’ve been busy with preparing for college. Yes, i’m going to college soon. I hope i can blog more. And for the “my AsNTM3 favorite and least favorite photos”, it’s been too long, so i don’t feel like doing it. Sorry in advance. Yeah, so,, back to the cast, they’re interesting, i love some of them. Oh and sorry for the header, i’m making a new one so stay tune 🙂

Hadassah & Justin

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Bello & Courtney

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Mame & Mikey

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Ava & Nyle

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Dustin & Ashley

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Devin & Delanie

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Stefano & Lacey

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For now, my favorites are Lacey, Ava, Courtney and Mame for the girls. For the guys, Nyle, Devin, Justin, and Mikey

Who’s your favorites?? Tell me in the comments below 🙂

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls – Episode 14 Recap

Okay i know that i’m incredibely late and i’m so sorry ( i’m such a terrible person ). But my schedule was crazy as a highschool student, especially since i’m a senior. And tommorow is my exam, but i decided to give some of my break time to blog this because i’m seriously late. So let’s jump right into it. Here we go!! Continue reading

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls – Episode 13 Recap

So first of all, before I even begin, I’m so so sorry for being late. I was out of town for my university test which is a big deal. And my amazingly useless laptop was broken, and I can’t even watch the episode. I’m blogging this from my ipad, and I’m not liking it. But what can I do? So this recap is going to be a hot mess. I’m only writing things I remember. I’m so so sorry. So here we go

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